Harry Smith

Healthy Relationship Habit

Don't forget to show love, as well as tell it.

I’ve developed a daily habit that has brought more love and care to my relationship. It’s simple, bordering on the obvious.

Every day, do something for your significant other that shows your love for them. Without attribution.

Unprompted, small and discreet. A game with yourself to find the perfect small gesture.

It might be a well timed cup of tea. The deliverance of a favourite snack. Doing one of the chores they usually do around the house. A lightening of the load, a moment of solace in the maelstrom.

It’s important that this moment stays private to you. It is a secret of your own heart. To mention your intention is to shatter the purity of it. It appears a serendipitous moment of true devotion. You know you have systemised showing love.

Is that so bad?

Showing daily love sounds obvious. Though how often do we forget to do it? ‘I Love You’ is easy, said in habit at the end of conversations and when leaving the house. We tell it, but do we show it?

Take a minute each day to be aware of it, and show love instead of explaining love.

Listen. Be emphatic. Understand the heart of another. There will be no shortage of tiny actions that will lift their day. Show the depth of your understanding.

Habits aren’t productivity tricks. They are the reflection of our character. Give love daily, and receive it in kind. Make a healthy relationship a habit.

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