Harry Smith

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Getting Up on Time

If you're struggling to stick to habits and change bad routines, you need to get the first habit of the day right. You need to get up on time.

One Year On

After 12 months of sobriety, I finally sat down and wrote out how I did it. What I learnt, what I struggled with and how I changed.

The Broken Bridges

A shift in environment brings important lessons about what we find important, and where we thrive.

Change Tactics, Not Strategy

We all know the tenants of a good life, but it's hard to stay consistent. Embracing regular change is the key to maintaining long-term goals.

Lessons from a Chemistry Teacher I've forgotten

How to move towards unknown problems, the true nature of intelligence and the shared power of collaborative teaching.

Why some people seem to have more than twenty four hours a day

Spending time intentionally is the key to higher output. There is a lot of time available, if you start noticing how it accidentally slips away.

100 Days of Habits

An honest, retrospective look a the first one hundred days of the year, and how habits have shaped them.

Split Your Days Off

If you control your schedule, there are big benefits of splitting your days off.

Conducting a Daily Premortem

Use Gary Klein's Premortem as a daily practice to avoid your usual failure modes

How You Do Everything

Maintain quality in everything, or you'll have no quality at all. Do the mundane with care, and you'll do the important even better.

Healthy Relationship Habit

Don't forget to show love, as well as tell it.


Were all an individual, but at what cost?

The Remarkable Magic of Hobbies

If you haven't got a hobby, you should think about getting one. It'll trick you into learning vital skills you can use everyday.

Thoughts on Sobriety

Abstinence from alcohol has been the trigger for huge positive change. More importantly, I've begun to understand what it even means to be sober.

This vs That

Trick yourself into doing hard things by choosing which one hurts less right now.

Master Action List

Consolidate all the action items from the books you read and actually do them.

The Book Of Steps

Big wins come from lots of small steps, it's easy to forget them, so I keep a little book of all of them.

Your body knows how to move. So move it.

Fitness doesn't need to be complex. Simplify your relationship with movement. Achieve your 2021 fitness goals with three 10 minute sessions a day.